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Have recurring pain that keeps you from fully enjoying life? Did pregnancy or injury leave you with a body that doesn't feel like yours? Suffering from symptoms of pelvic floor and core dysfunction like incontinence, prolapse, or rectus diastasis? Or just feeling the effects of gravity and time?

Get organized and find deep strength for anything that moves you. 

With the detailed eye of a ballet teacher, Greta Schoenberg will help you refine your basic foundational movements with simple techniques that you can apply to any physical activity. Strengthen from the inside out as you work through a detailed curriculum based in Pilates and physical therapy that will help you better understand your body and empower you to discover new possibilities. In customized one-on-one sessions, Greta will guide you through an individualized assessment and create a self-care plan, addressing problematic areas and teaching you to move safely with the power, efficiency and grace of a dancer.


"Greta's work has helped me to find my pre-baby muscles. Ones that I thought I would never find again. It's been more than 10 years since I had children but my body never recovered. Not until I met Greta. Every time we work together I feel like I find a new part of my body that I instantly remember from my youth. Pain that I have been suffering from for years disappears, because now I am using my body correctly again. I can't thank Greta enough for this gift."


"Greta pays more attention to form than anyone I've ever worked with, making our workouts more effective and much safer for my body"


I've been taking weekly Pilates privates with Greta for over a year. Working with her has been my first experience with Pilates, and I have really appreciated the meaningful difference it has made in my posture, my overall strength and flexibility, and in recovering my pre-baby core. Since starting, I feel like my body is functioning so much better as a whole. Greta makes Pilates fun and accessible for people at all levels too. I highly recommend it!
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