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(Ages 6 - 8)


Spring Session 2024: 3/14 - 5/23

(No class 4/11)

Thursdays 4:00 - 5:00


Hosted by The Studio

451 Center Street, Healdsburg


Young dancers will build basic ballet technique through practice of traditional barre and center work, improving posture, flexibility and coordination while retaining a playful approach. Students will also learn Pilates floor exercises to gain foundational strength and support healthy joint development. The session will culminate in a parent demonstration performance Parkpoint Health Club on the last day of class 5/23.

Girls*: Solid ballet leotard of any color, pink/flesh tone tights. No skirts (so the alignment of the hips can be seen clearly). NO UNDERWEAR UNDER TIGHTS. Pink/flesh tone ballet slippers such as these without drawstrings are highly recommended. I also recommend convertible tights with slits under the feet so they can be pulled up for Pilates conditioning exercises. Long hair should be pulled up neatly in a bun. No jewelry or accessories.

Boys*: Black opaque tights, leggings, or biker shorts, white T-shirt or tank top, black, white, or flesh tone ballet slippers (see recommendations above).

*Variations for gender fluidity welcome.


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