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Find Your Floor

FREE Pop-Up Intro Class!
Sunday February 12th
10:00 - 11:00

The Studio (formerly Dailey Method) 451 Center Street, Healdsburg
(non-members welcome)

In this one-hour pop-up class, learn how to strengthen and release your pelvic floor muscles, or find them in the first place.  A common missing link in addressing low back and other joint pain, these muscles serve as a “pilot light” for surrounding pelvic and lumbar stabilizers. Rather than isolated Kegels which can build tension if done incorrectly, training the pelvic floor dynamically through movement is the current recommended protocol for pelvic floor health and for treatment of symptoms like incontinence, organ prolapse, and other pelvic dysfunction issues. This approach also makes the concepts accessible to all genders by cueing movement through the bones vs. soft tissues. 

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